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hermione_lims's Journal

Hermione Last Icon Maker Standing
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Hello! Welcome to Hermione LIMS, a Last Icon Maker Standing community! Here is where you will make icons and compete with fellow icon makers. And now because everyone else says this: Inspiration: ultimate_lims aka A KICK ASS COMMUNITY. And Original LIMS idea from disney_hush.

Rules (Oh no!):

#1. You must sign up HERE. You have until Sunday, November 25th to sign up. The first challenge will go up on Monday, November 26th. Please join the community when you sign up, that way it's easier for you to see when there is a new challenge. You must put the word "Spatula" somewhere in your sign up post so I know that you have read these rules.

#2. As I said, the first challenge will go up Monday November 26th. You will then have FIVE days to make and submit your icon to the appropriate post. If you have not signed up by the 25th you wont be able to participate in this round of LIMS. You must enter EVERY challenge until you are voted off. If you want to be able to skip a challenge you must post HERE. Every contestant has one skip. If you advertise the community in a public place and post a link on the skip post, you will have TWO skips.

#3. The day after icons are due, voting will talk place. You will vote for your LEAST favourite icons. You are voting someone out of this round.

#4. At the end of the voting period, the person(s) with the most votes, will be disqualified from the contest.

#5. You can not post your icon ANYWHERE else until after the voting period. If you do so you will be disqualified.


-This is a contest for icon makers from the Harry Potter fandom (Specificly the character Hermione Granger) and is open to contestants of all skill levels. Everyone is welcome to particpate in this community. However, if you won't be able to handle getting 'voted off', don't join.

-Each week I will post a new image. That image is the only image you are allowed to use. Stock photos, brushes, textures, etc are all allowed. All images will contain the character Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter Fandom, whether it be from the movies or an illustration from the books. You must make an icon from that picture whether you like it or not.

So Hurry up and join! You might be named "The Last Icon Maker Standing"!

((Rules borrowed almost word for word from ultimate_lims, because they are FREAKING AWESOME...and I'm lazy and really bad at rule writing O___O))