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Challenge Six: Results

Unfortunately we must say goodbye to:
by allforyou_x3 with 5 votes.
Hope to see you around! [:

1. -1 + 2 = 1
2. -1 + 3 = 2
3. +2
4. -5


1. The coloring doesn't fit the cap and the text doesn't really make sense.

2. There is too much going on and this distracts from the subject.

04 - The border doesn't really suit the cropping of the image.
4 - The black border is too plain and it's a bit awkwardly cropped
4: icon seems a bit blurry, as well as pixelated. not quite sure how that happened. =\ the big border doesn't really add anything to the icon except to distract from the subject of the icon.
#4 - The cropping is unflattering, and the border distracts from the image.
#04 - It's a bit too yellow, it looks blurry and the broder doesn't fit well.


01 - Great text placement and use of negative space.
1 - no comment

#2 - Interesting use of textures, original and fresh.
#02 - Coloring is very nice and the textures fit very well.
2 - no comment

3. Great coloring! And the crop is interesting.
3. pretty coloring

Comm Choice: TIE!

by summer_kisses89

by quiddity_

ON ANOTHER NOTE: This comm has pretty much died. I don't get nearly enough votes fast enough, so after this round, I will be closing the community, unless someone else wants it. Thanks for the support up to this point [:
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