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Challenge Five: Results

Unfortunately we must say goodbye to:
by hpnarnia with 6 votes.
Hope to see you around! [:

1. -6
2. -2
3. +2
4. +3
5. +3
6. -1 + 1 = 0

1 - coloring is dull, some of the background is left in, the bird in the background doesn't fit
#1 - The edges are too "hard" and what is the bird doing in the background?
1 - the icon is out of focus and the bird texture is doing nothing for the image
#01 - Hermione has been cut around quite roughly and the brush/texture looks really out of place behind her.
#1 - the background doesn't fit the image
#1 - The image of Hermione looks crisp and the colour and pattern of the bird is beautiful. BUT...the reason why I'm giving this icon a negative vote is because the bird stands out more then the image of Hermione. It's distracting because of it's bright colours and odd shape. The main focus should be on Hermione and it's not. The combination of both images together looks awkward and the white space around them makes it feel a bit empty. I'm sorry.

#2 - the coloring is a bit bland which makes the icon look dull, the text is a bit poorly placed, and the font and font color don't match well
#02 - the black and white coloring doesnt go well, making the icon look bad

6- though the crop is good, the image has little contrast and is too yellow.

3 - none
#3 - I really like the "interaction" between bw and the red color.

#4 - nice vibrant coloring, and good text (and text placement)
4 - I abhor the text, but the colouring and overall icon are fantastic!
#4 - The first thing that popped out was the text. It's so touching it almost brought a tear to my eye. The colours used are warm and pleasant and really do the image of Hermione justice. It's a stunning icon. Well done :)

#05 - Nice use of texture, it blends with the image well.
#05 - love the coloring and the texture used.
5 - none

#6 - good crop, and the simplicity works well

Comm Choice: TIE!

by summer_kisses89

by silverwindsongs

No mod's choice because of the tie.

Next challenge will be posted a few hours.

Please forgive my epic failing at deadlines.
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